“Zheng Qian only has a daughter,Father Yang’s is a son,But only15year old!Dad Qi has two sons!!”

Everyone is crooked,While listening to Li Bi’s dynamic singing and dancing。
Li Bi’s movements are very laborious,After a while I sweated profusely on my face,Occasionally the sound is a little bit off。
But this small flaw did not affect everyone’s appreciation。
Wait till she stands diagonally,Finished the whole song with a cold eye squinting gesture,There was the warmest applause so far。
“Not singing well enough,Dancing well,Overall good。”This time Han Donger was the first to speak。
“Thank you teacher Donger。”Li Bi holding the microphone,Replied breathlessly。
she knows,Han Donger gave her one“Overall good”evaluation of,Is already very rare。
In the previous game,Han Donger rarely praised her。
“Tut,What a surprise tonight。”Buyiyi followed:“Li Bi,You have this ability,If you are acting in a movie,Not bad!Your starting point will be very high!”
“I mainly want to sing now,When I want more development,I will consider your suggestion from Sister Yiyi,thank you~~”Face Buyiyi,Li Bi’s answer will be much closer。
Two in the music industry,One in the film industry,Well water does not offend river water,No conflict of interest,Can be friends naturally。
“You choose this song,Cover up some of his shortcomings,Perfectly play to their strengths,Very smart!”Tang Yuan finally said something like this。
His words are also the voice of everyone。