This is the case,Later,More difficult。

The gap between every big realm is like a natural,The small realm is also like a gully。
Each realm、Medium term、Perusal may be able to fight for a battle,But the top is full,That is the difference between the baby and the strongman。
Not exaggerated。
Big success, this realm has reached the peak。
Flesh,Soul no leak,Further, it is a higher realm.。
“云山 吃 独 食?
Send a life to participate in the hunting ground?”
Oriental is cold and cold,“What did I use me??
I directly destroy your few hills??”
Everyone’s spiritual spirit hits a chill。
Fears and trembling from the soul。
East is said to be the fact。
He also has this strength!More than a dozen hills nearby,Although there is also a strong life,But there is no one to achieve a big realm.。
If you want to deal with which of the mountain,No need to hiking,Just one person can take each hill to。
This is a strong and strong place in life and death.。
It is also the field of life.。
The truth is not coming out.。
Whose fist is big,Who is reasonable。
For a long time。
Goat Hu Laissi dry cough,Gong,“Oriental leader,Before we were in the forefront,Everyone is only concerned about chaos.,Wang Dongfang leads。”
He quickly found a stair.,The topic is transferred,“only,Also hope that the East is headed by it.,Who is it in secret?,This hatred,We can’t report,Otherwise, only the laughter。”
The Eastern Ming did not count from his avoidance.,Oblique,Faint,“This person is not strong,Perhaps there is a repair of Ling Taiwan,But he has two very strange secret laws.,One,Surprise,The common spirit is also caught up.;Second,He also has a secret law,Or secret treasure,Can cover the commentary search。”
Welcome everyone’s horror,Nod,“Be right,Even the mind of death,You can also obscure。”
A slight disturbance and。
“100,000 mountains in Yunshan,We can’t use a little search with your eyes.,But use my mind,As long as he hides a corner,It is difficult to find。”
Goat hosae said,“What is the big head??”
Eastern Ming Si Pigang,This old guy also answered。
“I want to ask for help.,Everyone divides a zone,Propose outer layer……”Toned,Look to Yandongyu,“Old three,You take the image of the child.,Let everyone identify the breath,So you will be mixed by him,That kid is very delicate。”
裴东宇 wrist,A spar appeared in the palm。
“Allocate,This is the image and atmosphere I have collected.,Everyone carefully identifies。”
嗤嗤 嗤嗤。
Dozens of life and death will explore the mind。