“Also,I think too much.。”

Summer looks more relaxed。
Originally he does not agree with this adventure。
Not afraid。
But he still has many unsolves.,Don’t want to be used。
His people are like this。
Even if the mysterious white woman secretly helped him several times,But the summer will not relax the vigilance,Fully trust each other。
But now it’s different.。
Small mountains and fog valley,Hook his curiosity。
Both people are happy,Just afternoon,Easy to leave Mosi,Sit on the plane to the island。
And then turn over,Direct Dragon City。
After arriving in Dragon City,Two people go to http://www.jhsfpx.cn Springs。
Such a,Arrived until 3:30 in the second day arrived in Quan City。
The two have not stopped,After eating after a meal,I played a car straight a small mountain.。
“Two,You should go to the small mountain, you should look at the shore.。”
The driver is a quite tangible middle-aged person.,And quite enthusiasm,Driver,One side。
“When the other side of the other is found,I have caused a sensation,It is said that many domestic geologists and scientists come here.,There are even masters who study metaphysics.,I have come to find out。”
Merely,Driver shakes his head,“The result is later concluded.,It seems like a nature version of the ghost wall,Originally the city government is also ready to develop into tourist attractions.,The result has been so many years,Still nothing。”
Summer laughing,“Nature version http://www.lixinhuwai.cn of the ghost wall?
There is also this kind of saying?”
Put in this way,The driver is coming to,“You go online to search for a search.,Although the other side valley does not become a attraction,But there are still many people to travel.,Later, various statements have been formed.,For example, some people have analyzed,Confucite,People’s visual affected,And the two legs and strengths of the people also have differentials.,There is no extraction of your eyes.,The distance from the pace of the pace will deviate in the night.,This is accumulating down,It is definitely a big circle……”The driver is exhausted to sell the information you see online.,“Certainty,The most critical or concentrate,Degree of instead of one meter,Even if it is leaning against the rig,Can’t go out,Because the canyon itself is a curve type,And there is a three-stage hollow in the middle.,Unable to touch the cliff wall,As long as you leave,You are getting lost。”
Victoria does not help with pure Huaxia,“The fog in it,I have heard that every hour, the fog will instantly scatter,It will eventually appear in an hour.,No matter what is dissipated or appeared,Time is very fast。”
Driver nodded,Also shake your head,“How did the fog appear?,Specifically, there is still no statement,It is said that it is similar to geological factors.。”
“How much is the people now??”
Summer open topics。
“Have,But very few,And now is winter。”
The driver’s face is registered,“I am wondering.,At that time, I just found the opening of the door.,A lot of sensation,The government is preparing to develop attractions,The result is no message。”
Summer and Victoria look at each other。
Of course, it is impossible to develop into a tourist attraction.。
Because the foggy valley is the artificial wonderful armor……Summer or even guess,I only afraid of the emergence of foggy valley,Perhaps it is unexpected in the past.。
Otherwise,Urine with the Guardian Alliance,Inside a person,How can I get the big branches?。
More than 40 http://www.rk-coder.cn minutes,Taxi came to the foot of the small mountain。
“Two guests,When are you going down?,Needless I need to pick you up?”
The driver opened the window probe asked。
“No need,Thank you。”